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Rental of our holiday home. Our holiday home on the edge of the Baroque town of Modica in south-east Sicily is available for lets between March and late October. More information, together with pictures and information about the local area is available here. Modica is in the heart of the area of Sicily within which the famous Inspector Montalbano books and television series are set with much of the action taking place in neighbouring Ragusa Ibla and Scicli.

Help with your holiday home website. We’re able to provide advice and practical help to holiday home owners who would like to develop a website, or improve on their existing one. Our rates are extremely competitive. We are also able to advise on the best hosting plans available.

Italian language learning for returning or mature learners. This service is currently still very much in the developmental stage, but if it is of interest to you do please get in touch. We appreciate that resources targeted at travelers who are keen to develop their Italian beyond the phrase book stage, but who may not have done any kind of formal language learning for some time, are thin on the ground. Our online resources help you to improve your Italian whilst getting to grips with the basics of grammar and tenses in an altogether more constructive and entertaining manner than you may have encountered at school! If you’d like to be able to master the basics of speaking to Italians about past and future events, but can’t remember the difference between an adverb and an adjective then we’re here to help.

General help and information about the south-east of Sicily. South-east Sicily is now most definitely on the english-speaking tourist trail – as it should be – the area has stunning scenery, a host of beautiful beaches and nature reserves, spectacular archaeology and architecture and a unique culinary heritage second to none, so there really is no reason not to go.

For all enquiries about any of our services please use the email address below.

E-mail us at enquiries@rentmyholidayhome.eu

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