Eating and drinking in Modica


One of Modica’s main attractions is undoubtedly its cuisine. Relatively newly-arrived on the tourist trail, Modica supports a wealth of excellent eateries ranging from the delicious scacce and arancini

Available from Rosticceria Piccolo Bar (map) to the offerings of the Michelin starred La Gazza Ladra (map).

Until recently, established businesses had to survive on local custom and so standards are uniformly high.

Locally produced wines are available everywhere and there is absolutely no reason to turn your nose up at the house red offered in most restaurants. Enoteche (wine merchants) such as Pisana Antonio & Susino Giovanni adjacent to the Grana Barocco Art Hotel on Corso Umberto (map) also offer a huge range of reds and whites from the region together with suitable nibbles. If you enjoy red wine the local Nero d’Avola grape won’t disappoint – and there are plenty of Nero’s to chose from in restaurants and bars.

Given the wealth of information and reviews on Tripadvisor it seemed silly not to use it. And below, the listing of our favourite restaurants.

TripAdvisor’s review of Modica’s 60 listed restaurants

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