Italian Language Learning for (mature) beginners

If you want to learn a new language (in this case, Italian) and this image of a traditional language lab fills you with dread and bad memories of grindingly boring compulsory language education – read on.

Language Lab, CCSF

We constructed this website as a response to a gap in Italian online language learning resources – namely, to provide an introductory resource for those wishing to expand their understanding of a language, but who haven’t done any language learning for some time. If you struggle to remember how long it is since you sat through (if you’re in the UK, most likely French) grammar lessons at school – let alone what they were about – but want to do more than struggle through the absolute basics that you’ll find in a guide book then this is the site for you.

We assume you’re absolutely starting from scratch – that it’s perhaps decades since you had to think about the difference between an adjective and an article, but that you’re keen to learn and merely need the information presented in a straightforward, accessible and hopefully entertaining way.

The teaching resources introduce you to the principles of language learning providing clear explanations and examples on each topic; the exercises help you extend your vocabulary, get to grips with listening to Italian speakers and constructing your own sentences.

We haven’t made lots of new resources for this site, but rather we provide pointers to the best freely-available online resources to help you develop an independent learning framework for you to pick up and put down as you wish. The beauty of this methodology is that you can create your own resource that suits you because we all learn differently and what works for one person, may not suit another. At the moment all our resources are dedicated to Italian, but if you’re reading this, are fluent in another language and believe in the principles of freely available education, please get in touch!

We’ve divided the site into self-contained sections that you can work through individually, but that build on each other to steadily improve your language skills. We’re sure if you regularly dedicate a little time to working on your Italian (that’s always better than doing nothing then having a blitz of several hours) you’ll see the benefits of your efforts before long.

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