Language Resources

We’ve developed a list of the Italian language learning resources that we’ve found most useful.

Holiday basics

collins phrasebook dictionaryThere are many pocket-sized language guides for holiday makers and which you prefer is undoubtedly a matter of personal taste. We went through two copies of Collins’ Italian Phrasebook and Dictionary

Kindle edition:

Online Italian media resources’s Italian radio station listing

National RAI TV

Not all of RAI’s online content is available outside of Italy, but they have an extensive podcast collection that you can use from around the world.

Canale 5

In common with RAI, not all of Canale 5’s content is available outside of Italy, but they have an extensive video page that can be accessed globally.

TV tasters from Video Mediaset Programme selection

Vocabulary and pronunciation banks has almost 80,000 Italian words in their pronunciation bank provided by native speakers

The BBC’s guide to how to pronounce the Italian alphabet

General Italian language learning resources

Undoubtedly the best – at least in our opinions – online language learning resource is Benny Lewis’ Benny Lewis could only speak one language aged 21, but has since gone on to travel the world and is now fluent and semi-fluent in a raft of different languages thereby dispelling the myth that adults can’t begin to start learning languages. As well as tips and tricks on language learning Benny also provides links to free online resources to help you get started. Unmissable.

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