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Here’s a selection of the websites we’ve found most useful. If you think we’ve missed something do please let us know and we’ll add the site.



Modica’s restaurants

  • TripAdvisor’s review of Modica’s restaurants
  • La Contea. Our excellent local pizzeria and renowned in Modica as the best of the best in the face of some very serious competition.
  • Via Clemente Grimaldi, 17, 97015 Modica. TripAdvisor
  • La Gazza Ladra. The top end of Modica cuisine. Amazing.
  • Via Blandini, 5, 97015 Modica TripAdvisor
  • Osteria dei Sapori Perduti. Authentic Sicilian cuisine. Multilingual menus.
  • Corso Umberto I, 228, 97015 Modica Tripadvisor
  • A Putia ro vinu. Another authentic Sicilian dining experience.
  • Via Pisacane , 34, Modica. TripAdvisor
  • Bella Napoli. Another great pizzeria.
  • Via Arancitello 6, Modica. TripAdvisor
  • La Perla. Yet another great pizzeria. Inside tables can be cramped off season.
  • Via Giardina, 4, 97015 Modica. TripAdvisor
  • Rosticceria Piccolo Bar. Try an authentic Sicilian scacce, or arancino. No English spoken but the owners are incredibly helpful and friendly. If you have some basic Italian you’ll be fine.
  • Piazza Giacomo Matteitti, Modica
  • Not strictly a dining experience, but Modica’s most famous family-run confectioners L’Antica Dolceria Bonajuto. English version of the website. Visit the website for more information on Modica’s unique and delicious chocolate. Not to be missed.
  • Corso Umberto Io n.159, Modica. TripAdvisor


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